About Us

The end.

That’s what we want to see.  The Great Commission fulfilled.  Vibrant, multiplying groups of Jesus followers in every nation, language, tribe, and people.

The church is alive, strong, and growing in many nations throughout the world; and yet, there remain over 5,000 Frontier People Groups*, with total population of almost 2 Billion people, or 25% of the earth’s population. 

The good news is that there is a largely untapped harvest force in many of the countries where these Frontier People Groups* are located. There are millions of Christians young (and not so young) in Global South countries (in Africa, Asia, and Latin America), that don’t know two important things:

1) They can have key roles in fulfilling the Great Commission; and,

2) They can access just-in0time training and coaching online; and join with a global community that can walk with them in fulfilling God’s calling on their lives to the least, last, and lost.

Disciple Makers Increase (DMI) is a global family pursuing Kingdom increase together.  We are committed to providing inexpensive training, coaching, and community to help raise up a global harvest force to complete the Great Commission. 

We really think our just in time online training is great,…but, our “secret sauce” is that we provide peer group coaching, and online community, which is especially important to those in the Global South.

We are a ministry of YWAM Frontier Missions (www.ywamfm.org).  For 60 years, YWAM has been launching young people from many nations as missionaries to the least, last, and lost. Contact us via this contact form for more information.

* Frontier People Groups are those with 0.1% or fewer Christians, and no evidence of a self-sustaining gospel movement.  See https://joshuaproject.net/frontier for more info on Frontier People Groups.

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