Why Does DMI Charge for Our Online Courses?

Disciple Makers Increase (DMI) is a non-profit ministry.  We do not personally gain any money from our courses, neither as an organization nor personally.  There is, however, a significant cost to maintain the platform, email list, administrative support, cost of advertising, etc.  To offset those costs we charge for our courses.  We also raise funds to help with these costs.

We believe the material we provide is valuable and worth what we charge.  Many similar courses in the marketplace charge four or five times what we do for our course.  Together with our courses, we offer many additional services like group coaching calls, community opportunities for engagement, live Facebook Q and As, and more.

Realizing however, that many people can not pay the full amount, we offer up to 90% off discounts or scholarships to hundreds of trainees across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  If you have applied for this, based on your self-reported income bracket, it would likely have been granted.  Even after receiving this discount, some people still struggle to understand why they need to pay.  Part of the reason is because it helps to offset our costs.  The other reason we ask people to pay is that it serves as a filter for who is truly serious and ready to invest time and effort in taking the course.  We are looking for people who are committed and ready to sacrifice themselves to make disciples.  We are also looking for people who are willing and able to trust God for miracles and to depend on Him.  These are the kinds of people we want to train and the kinds of people with the most potential to multiply disciples and start new movements.

​For those who are not able to pay even the small amount left to pay after receiving a 90 percent off discount, we encourage them to pray and save and trust God.  If this course is for them, we know God is more than able to provide.  

​Lastly, it is important to note, that for the scholarship amounts paid through the payment reps, we do not even take that money outside the country. It remains there and is held in reserve for the time when we are able to visit and run an onsite training.  It can then help offset the costs of that training for the venue and other things.  

​We hope this has answered your questions about why we charge for our courses.  We are praying and trusting with you for God’s help and provision for you as you determine whether or not this DMI course is for you.

​C. Anderson
​DMI Founder and Leader

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