What is DMI?

DMI stands for Disciple Makers Increase. We are a non-profit organization based in the United States, that serves people around the globe and especially focuses on what we call the Global South. We are a part of Youth With A Mission, Frontier Missions.

It is our aim to help ordinary people impact the nations by learning how to make and multiply disciples of Jesus.

To do this, we offer several key online courses, especially designed for you.

and more! We are always updating courses and adding new ones so check on our website for new updates from time to time.


A huge value for us in DMI is the learning community. All of our courses provide not only content, but a community to learn and process that content with. While it’s not required for most courses, we strongly encourage people to learn together with others who they can discuss things with, be mutually accountable for how they are applying the content, and receive prayerful encouragement from.


DMI also believes strongly in coaching, both group and individual. Coaching is not a place where someone tells you what to do, but is a place to be encouraged, think through your action steps, troubleshoot barriers and obstacles to your vision, etc.


A lot of people ask us “Why do you charge for your courses?” We are a non-profit and are not making money on these courses! In fact, we actively seek donors and sponsors who can help us to cover our costs (Donate here). Our prices are set at affordable rates, and we offer very significant discounts to those who have financial restraints (many times up to 90% off).

We strongly believe though, that you get more out of something you’ve paid at least something for and that having “skin in the game” so to say, is important. It’s also our belief that God is an amazing provider and believing Him to release the small amount needed for you to take one of our courses is an important step forward toward your ministry in the Kingdom of God.

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