DMM Course Alumni Peer Groups

Getting Started in Disciple Making Movements is more than an online course. 

It’s a community of like-minded people pursuing God and His purposes together.  This global community serves, supports, prays for, coaches, and encourages one another.  We are together on this journey to release sustainable DMMs across the globe!

Here is what those who have completed the DMM course and joined alumni groups are saying about it.

“The DMM Alumni meetings have been encouraging and a lot of fun! I got to meet many others from different places and hear stories of victories, but also struggles.”

– Kimberly (Emerging Movement Leader in Asia)

Olufemi says in the groups “you will be able to share from other people’s experience of what we are actually talking about.”
“I learned in the Peer Alumni groups about the importance of mindset changes”- says Sonya Harris from the USA.

“I really enjoy the DMM alumni small group meeting. Hearing testimony of how the Lord leads other individuals really encourages me personally. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate each other in our journey in disciple-making. Knowing that I have a community that I could go to in terms of disciple-making makes me feel that I am not in this alone, that I have people to run this with.”

– Allison (Malaysia)

What is an Alumni Peer Group?

After finishing the course, we encourage you to apply to join a regional alumni group. Most groups meet once a month on zoom.  We call these gatherings Alumni Peer Groups (APGs). These groups provide an opportunity for fellowship, relationship, and peer mentoring from others in a similar regional context. 

What about the DMM Course Alumni Whatsapp Group?

In addition to this, we also have a broader Whatsapp group that is simply called DMM Course Alumni.  That group is global and open to any who have completed the course.  Interact about questions, get announcements, share prayer needs, etc.  

Those who have participated in these groups have found them valuable and many groups describe their experience as “becoming like family.”  

Apply to join a DMM Alumni Peer Group (APG) today!