disciple makers increase

Disciple Makers Increase Begins It’s Journey

disciple makers increase
A New Logo- Read more about it below

Disciple Makers Increase is a ministry of YWAM Frontier Missions. In our pioneering phase, we were called YWAM FM Online. We are excited about how things have been growing and developing! The Lord made it evident to us that it was time for this ministry to have a clear identity and a new name. So here we are…celebrating the birth of this new ministry.

Celebrate with us!

This site is still being built so check back for more updates soon. We’ll be sharing the scriptures and meaning behind our icon, new name, upcoming events, courses, and more about our active alumni community.

For now, would you do us a favor?

Pause for a few seconds and whisper a quick prayer of blessing on this new ministry.

Thanks so much!

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