multiplication in cameroon

Disciple Multiplication Takes Off in Cameroon

Ebot Tambe received a scholarship for the Getting Started in Disciple Making Movement course. He has a big dream for the Central region of his nation of Cameroon. In three short months, 10 new groups were started. Three of them transitioned from being disciple-making groups to becoming house churches. Thirty-nine people were baptized as new believers took steps of obedience and faith.

A WhatsApp Call

A few days ago I had a Whats App call with one of our Getting Started in Disciple Making Movement trainees. His name is Ebot Tambe and he is from Cameroon. Ebot heard about the online course through the DMMs Frontier Missions Facebook page. At first, he was not interested, but God began to pull at his heart. He was very curious to hear us using the word disciple-making in place of the word discipleship.

Ebot applied and received a scholarship for the course. He began a new journey toward starting a movement in his area. This trainee had a big dream for the Central region of his nation of Cameroon.

In this course, I learned so much,” he told me. “It brought me to a different level.

multiplication in Cameroon
Ebot Solomon Tambe- Cameroon

He then went on to describe three areas where the course deeply challenged him to grow.

1. Making a plan

Before the course, Ebot had always found it difficult to make plans or write them down. In the first module though, he wrote his plan, received input, and then adjusted it. His End Vision is now clear and he is moving toward it in practical ways.

2. Accountability

“I never had much friendly accountability before,” he said. He now has seen the importance of this. He sees the value of having regular coaching. Being willing to make himself accountable to others helps him grow and move forward as a disciple-maker.

3. Multiplication

Ebot described how the concept of group multiplication impacted him. He learned that seeing not only a few groups begin, but seeing those groups start their own new groups leads to a greater spread of the Kingdom. And, he is beginning to see this happen!

After he made his End Vision, Ebot met with some local pastors and shared about what God was putting in his heart. They were not in agreement with his vision and ideas. Refusing to be discouraged, he decided to go and look for Persons of Peace in his community. To do this he went out into the streets of his town. He took his wife and sister-in-law along and they began to pray and walk and look for those who God might be calling.

Before long he found some nominal Christians who were frustrated with the traditions and expectations of the traditional church. He began to meet with some of them and introduced Discovery Bible Study.

New Life As Disciples Are Equipped and Empowered

They came alive! The group was so excited to hear that God could use them to also make more disciples of Jesus. The first group with his wife and sister-in-law continued. Then his sister-in-law formed another group of six people and began to disciple them. The second generation began.

In that group, there was someone named Evit. This brother then reached out to his friends and started another group (third generation). In Evit’s group was a person named Sandrin. This brother learned and grew and formed another new group with others. He began to disciple them (this was the fourth generation). Multiplication was happening and Ebot was not the one starting all the groups! Praise God!

In three short months, during the time he worked his way through the course, 10 new groups were started. Three of those groups transitioned from being disciple-making groups to becoming house churches. Thirty-nine people were baptized as new believers took steps of obedience and faith.

Multiplication in Cameroon is taking place! God wants to move in your area as well. Let’s be encouraged by Ebot’s example of faithful obedience to God’s call to make disciples. If God can do it there, he can do it where you live as well.

Find out more about the course that changed Ebot’s life and ministry. Click the image above.

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8 thoughts on “Disciple Multiplication Takes Off in Cameroon”

  1. Joseph Emmanuel Boima

    Am pst Joseph Emmanuel Boima from Sierra Leone West Africa that is great news in working hard in that part of Africa to advance the kingdom throughout his nation I pray for more grace

    1. Ebot Solomon Tambe

      Thanks Sir! For sure we need the Lord grace to help people understand the importance of God’s kingdom expansion.
      We really need your prayers Sir.

  2. Obiweluozor Elizabeth

    This is awesome! This is an encouragement! Congratulations Ebot! To God be the glory! God that helped you I trust will help me also. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Ebot Solomon Tambe

      Thanks very much for the encouragement from your side.
      I am really encourage to do more as God gives me strength.

  3. His determination, obedience, consistency, and tenacity in applying the DMM principles became fruitful and continue to yield more fruit. Amazing! All Glory to God who enables us to achieve much when we decide to step out in obedience. Well done Ebot! Keep going! More fruitfulness!

  4. Am so glad to read about this. I pray grace upon grace for him and his companions in the race ahead of them in Jesus name.

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