Encourage Them All Course

New Course to Open in October!

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new course opening up for enrollment this fall. It is called Encourage Them All.

The ETA course will move you from frustration to fruitfulness as you learn practical skills in how to have life-changing conversations with those around you. You’ll learn to believe in others and to powerfully encourage and walk alongside them, helping them to move forward in character, ministry, and Christian leadership. 

This unique course has been specifically designed for Oral Culture Learners in the Global South. It includes beautiful animations, songs and jingles to help trainees remember the material, and practical demonstrations of key concepts by amazing Barnabas type encouragers.

Want a little of what it’s like? Here’s a clip from one of the lessons.

13 thoughts on “New Course to Open in October!”

  1. Maxwell kadzuwa

    I hope and believe l will learn alot in this course for the Glory of God’s kingdom.lam more than willing to be one of the students enrolled in this program

  2. Pst. Elijah Mogusu Nyarondia

    This is powerful and encouraging.
    Glory to God. And may God continue meeting your heart desires. Amen
    As you are shaping us to do better in His Kingdom. Glory to God.
    Pastor Elijah Mogusu Nyarondia

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