Encourage Them All (ETA) Course Opens a New Cohort

Last year, the beta version of Encourage Them All: How To Walk Alongside Next Generation Leaders in Life-Changing Conversations, premiered on our Disciple Makers Increase (DMI) learning platform. With over forty people going through the beta course, it was a wonderful success and learning time for all who participated. This amazing course, geared especially toward Oral Culture learners (but helpful to anyone) got off to a great start!

Good news! It is now open for enrollment once again and a new cohort begins on July 24th! If you are interested, register soon as the seats in this cohort are limited.

Here is what previous students had to say about the course:

“Encourage Them All is such an important piece of the puzzle for seeing new workers raised up from new nations and I think it great to have a global-South-friendly training in coaching. Thank you so much for fighting for this and developing a global south-friendly training in this important skill/approach.”

Thank you for this course – the creativity and concise focus of the course really helped me.”

“Thank you to all the team involved in putting this training together. Personally, it is helping me not only in Barnabas conversations about movements but also in member care. God bless you!!”

Here’s a clip from one of the lessons:

Interested to know more?

Go to the enrollment page and scroll down to the FAQ section. Group rates and financial need-based discounts (up to 90% off) are available upon request.

Pray with us for this course to be a great help to many as they train, coach, mentor, and disciple others!

4 thoughts on “Encourage Them All (ETA) Course Opens a New Cohort”

  1. James Nyumah Tamba

    I can’t wait to do this course, just the information you have been sending about, Encourage Them All (ETA). The testimony from the previous student was so helpful to me.

  2. I am a Kenyan doing the work of missionary, training the pastors. And to unreached people with gospel of christ. Lastly am very content with this idea of making disciples.

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