Is It True That Every Believer Can Be Powerfully Used By God?

Some people are not very nice. Or very smart. Or, well, let’s just say they have interesting and deeply embedded issues. Can God really use these kinds of people to do His work? I mean, isn’t there some kind of standard God asks us to meet before He can use us?

These are valid questions. Especially if you are one of “those people.”

Let’s face it. We all have issues and areas where we are still broken, even if we are sincerely following Jesus and trying to be an obedient disciple. Can God truly use us? In spite of this?

Can God really use anyone? Even if we are slightly “strange”?

I’m continually amazed when I read scripture, at how messed up and human Jesus’ disciples were. The ones who turned the world upside down and turned into the great apostles of the Church. We still read their letters and books today.

Peter was hot-headed. James and John were extremely competitive and sometimes self-seeking. Thomas doubted. Paul had big arguments with his mentor and friend Barnabas. The list could go on. These guys were super ordinary men who had lots of issues. Yet Jesus chose them. Jesus used them to build His Kingdom on earth.

We could look at the Old Testament as well. Guys like David, messed up badly. He even murdered someone’s husband to take a new wife. Abraham, you know the guy, the Father of faith? He lied repeatedly and said his wife was his sister, cause he was scared of the people he was with. Not exactly perfect people. Yet God chose them, and God used them. If that’s the case, maybe He can use us too.

Looking for the Right People

The world (and often I have to include myself here) looks for the strong, the capable, the top performers. When we form a team, we want to have the best people playing on our side. Who can I find who will get the job done? Who will work well and not give me extra headaches?

Nothing wrong with this, but it’s not what God looks at.

The Bible says that God looks at our hearts. He wants our willingness. He looks for the humble, the broken, and the teachable. These are the people He delights in displaying His glory through.

But God chose what the world thinks foolish to shame the wise, and God chose what the world thinks weak to shame the strong.

1 Cor. 1:27 NLT.

Can Everyone Make Disciples?

When Jesus gave the Great Commission in Matt. 28:18-20, He spoke it to a group of people who had recently betrayed him, doubted him, and in many ways failed to support Him in the time of greatest need. In the garden, they’d fallen asleep when he prayed all night. Not exactly amazing intercessors!

Yet it was to these that He said, “Go and make disciples of all nations…”

He believed in them. And…He was about to give them something that would change everything.

In Acts chapter 1, right before this commission, He told them to wait in Jerusalem until they received the power of the Holy Spirit. Then, in Acts chapter 2, God did exactly that. He poured out His Spirit on this imperfect, messed-up group of Jesus lovers. That brought about an incredible change!

Going is important. So is waiting.

We need the Holy Spirit in our lives. He is available to all. The Spirit of God transforms us, like He did Peter and John, into powerful people of God…the kind who change the world.

After the Holy Spirit came, Peter stood before a huge crowd and preached to thousands. And they listened! They put their faith in Christ and were baptized. In the next chapter, Peter and John met a lame beggar. Having no money, they pulled him up from the street where he sat and he was instantly healed. That’s what the power of the Spirit can do in our lives!

Can everyone make disciples? Absolutely. Jesus wouldn’t command all his followers to do this if it wasn’t possible. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we can do it.

Do you need the Holy Spirit in your life today? Say this simple prayer with me.

Holy Spirit I need you. Like Peter and John and the other disciples, I’ve got issues. Sometimes I think I’m pretty messed up. In spite of this, I want to say to you today, I’m willing Lord. I’m available. Use me for Your Kingdom and Your glory God. Fill me with your Holy Spirit, and make me a disciple who spreads your love and goodness to the world around me. In your name, Amen.

3 thoughts on “Is It True That Every Believer Can Be Powerfully Used By God?”

  1. Thanks be to God who does not reject even a messed up person like me. Lord it means You can use me, I pray You subdue my flesh under the power of Your Spirit. Here am I , a zero please take hold of me and use me as You please through Christ.

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