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Many Learning to Develop Leaders Through ETA Course

A few years ago, Disciple Makers Increase (DMI) piloted a creative, oral culture-friendly new course on how to have powerful, encouraging conversations with emerging leaders.  This course is creative and impactful, helping movement leaders, pastors, youth leaders, missionaries, and others learn how to encourage (and develop) the Timothys in their lives.  Developing leaders is key to any ministry or movement multiplying! Over 120 global leaders have taken this course so far.

One of the facilitators had this to say about his experience with the recently run cohort.

“I had the privilege to be one of the facilitators for the April cohort of the, Encourage Them All, course. The participants were leaders from East to West and North to South, some with no experience in coaching and others with decades of experience working with diverse cultures.

Unlearning of Old Models of Coaching

What stood out the most for all participants, was the practical simplicity of the course. Initially, some struggled with how simple it was.  That meant that they had to do things differently. As the course progressed, the basic steps started to fall into place. The unlearning of previously learned models, was the most difficult.  Many had followed models based on giving advice, rather than having LIFE-CHANGING CONVERSATIONS.

One change was to listen with intentionality. Listen to notice progress and celebrate with people. This helped trainees to be focused and interested in the other person.

Practice Sessions Make It Real

“During the practice times, all stood amazed. These sessions were real-life conversations, about real-life challenges. Some leaders commented how special it was to have someone listen to them for a change, without giving advice. This was liberating to them and led to real action steps they could implement.

“Many commented on how freeing this approach was. They realized that they were not responsible for having answers or advice to pass on. It was an eye-opener to allow Holy Spirit to work in the other person’s life and to lead and guide. The participants realized that by listening, and asking the right questions, life-changing decisions took place.

“Participants started putting these concepts into practice in their everyday lives with family, friends, and colleagues. They especially applied it with those whom they were leading.

Encourage Them All’s Final Module Focuses on Using These Skills With Disciple-makers

“One of the highlights was the last module, specifically dedicated to Disciple Making Movements. It was about how to help someone move forward. Especially targeting situations where people got stuck and were not seeing progress, but also to celebrate successes. The hands-on approach was highly valued, and many could identify with the application in their context.

“The fact that the course was of short duration, with high impact, was particularly appreciated, considering that most coaching courses are very costly, academic, and time-consuming. Encourage Them All (ETA) was for them an easily reproducible model. Many felt it should be spread widely within other organizations. “Having these life-changing conversations will help many to move forward on their journey in missions”, our trainees said.

Overall, as a facilitator, I was very encouraged. I count it an honor to be part of a truly life-changing, practical course.”

The Encourage Them All (ETA) course is one of the five online courses offered on our learning platform. It is a practical tool we want to offer to all who are working to begin new movements of disciples across the globe. By learning these skills, leaders multiply leaders who are able to talk through problems, overcome obstacles, and make decisions about action to take them forward in their vision for reaching the lost.

Are you interested in the Encourage Them All Course (ETA)?  Want to learn how to have life-changing conversations with emerging leaders? Our next cohort begins in August.  Find out more and join the waiting list today!

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