The Multiplier’s Mindset- #1 in Christian Missions books!

We are delighted to share that Disciple Maker’s Increase’s founder, Cynthia Anderson’s new book, The Multiplier’s Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship was ranked #1 in Amazon in the Christian Missions and Missionary Work category this week!

Cynthia and her team worked hard for years with little fruit until they began to examine their beliefs about God, themselves, those they were trying to reach, and how to make disciples. Things they said they believed and what they saw lived out in practice didn’t always match. God led them in a period of repentance and realignment and the result was….much greater fruit! In a few years, many new movements were released.

This book leads the reader through 17 key mindset shifts that are needed to see disciples multiply and is a vital read for anyone wanting to impact the world around them. If you haven’t yet, get a copy today on or at a bookstore near you!

Pray with us that God will use this new book to inspire, equip, and help thousands around the world to adopt a multiplier’s mindset and see much greater fruit through their efforts!

Already got a copy? Help more people learn about the book by taking a few minutes to post a review!

Let’s keep asking God to give us a Multiplier’s Mindset!

3 thoughts on “The Multiplier’s Mindset- #1 in Christian Missions books!”

  1. The book, ” Multipliersmindset” dedicated to the Lord on 07th September, 2023 has really inspired, shaped my life as a Pastor
    and i strongly believe that it will go up a long way in the work of advancing the Gospel through Disciple making in all the World . Thanks be to God and Cynthia Anderson for this wonderful book which MUST be read by Millions and Millions of people.

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