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How Do You Share Your Faith With Those Who Refuse To Listen?

A friend of mine (I’ll call Sandy) worked at a home for unwed mothers. One of the young women there was very angry and did not want to talk with her at all or listen to what she had to say. It was hard for Sandy, as she wanted for this young woman to know the love and forgiveness of Jesus. There seemed to be no way to connect with her. Sandy continued to pray and ask God to open the door of this young woman’s heart.

As she continued to love and listen to this woman; one day Sandy heard her say that she loved plums. Not long after that, Sandy was at a friend’s house, and she saw that her friend had a plum tree full of ripe fruit. Could this be an answer to my prayers, she wondered?

She asked if she could have some of the plums. Sandy’s friend said, “Of course! We’ll never be able to eat all of them. Take a couple of bags full.

Sandy took the fresh plums from the tree and gave them to the young woman she had been loving and praying for. This simple gesture touched her heart. Now she was open to talking about her life. It still took more time, patience, love, and caring; but finally, this young woman gave her life to Jesus. She began to experience His love and forgiveness.

A basket of plums opened her heart to God’s love

5 Keys to Softening the Hearts of Those You Are Trying to Reach

  1. Prayer- We need God to break through to the lost and to help us love them.
  2. Persistent, practical love- We are all broken and have experienced hurts in our lives. One way God can break through the wall we have built is by someone consistently loving us, even when we are not loveable.
  3. Patient listening- When someone doesn’t want to listen to us, we can still show we love by listening to them.
  4. More Prayer- Only God can save, and we need Him to work in lost people’s lives, and to empower and lead us.
  5. Looking for God’s answers- God is at work in everyone’s life, and He answers our prayers. We need to be attentive to how He is at work.

Which of these five things will you put into practice this week? Share in the comments below!

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7 thoughts on “How Do You Share Your Faith With Those Who Refuse To Listen?”

  1. Such an approach to sharing ones Faith can indeed be achieved in the presence of love. The five guiding steps are each communicating love to me so that through, the Gospel of our lord is preached.
    I have on numerous occasions found myself struggling with men that resist the true gospel. The end result would be me quitting and focus on those that show interest. This I have learnt, I have to train my heart.

  2. This was great on how to share our faith to those who do not want to listen. Sandy had much patience, love and care. We need to pray for those who do not want to listen.

  3. Solomon Valla Iliya

    Cindy thats good approach, I had an expirience Of that at my first mission station where people doesnt want to see me they refused to give me a house for renting. I kept visiting the village no stop, after 4months God answered my prayers by connecting me to a traditional whom people respect. Hé asked about my mission. I told him God sent me to them. And accepted to accomadate me, even gave me a land. Hé gave his life to Christ and invited many to Christ.

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