What is a Disciple?

Our website and ministry are called Disciple Makers Increase. From time to time, people write to us and ask for input on how to grow as a disciple of Jesus. We love that! Just today we had a message from a brother named Riaz. He asked some important questions.

  • How can I start my discipleship journey?
  • I am a Christian, but how do I grow as a disciple?
  • What does it actually mean to be a disciple?

Check out this short video clip where our founder, C. Anderson, shares briefly with Esther (on a live Q&A) about what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

To watch the full video, go to: https://fb.watch/acOYMYqpul/

To make disciples, you first need to be a disciple.

Like C. Anderson said, a disciple is someone who follows the Way of Jesus. They study His ways. They observe how He lived and then apply those things in the way they choose to live as well.

In Luke 6:40 Jesus said, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained, will be like his teacher.” To be a disciple, we must obey Jesus and become like Him.

In the next few articles, we will address some of the other questions Riaz asked. Check back or subscribe below to get our next article sent to your inbox.

11 thoughts on “What is a Disciple?”

  1. Sylvain Xavier Nkembe Kemwa

    Hello Everyone.
    It’s so nice to hear from you about this issue of discipleship.
    Yes as a disciple we are under discipline in order to have a good quality of discipleship.
    I finally realized that instead of making disciples,churches were busy making christians.
    We didn’t follow the Great Commission but now we’re standing for it.
    Let’s join hands to make it happen.
    Blessings and a very happy new year 2022.
    Sylvain Xavier Nkembe Kemwa

  2. James Nyumah Tamba

    Thank you very much for the update, I got some very sound, ‘To make disciple, you need to be disciple.
    Thank you.
    Yours in Christ

  3. Dear mam ,what can I do for Jesus. I live among Hindus. I like to preach about Jesus. Most of them are fisherman. They need Jesus they are very poor need they all your prayers.

  4. Mon nom ce mugisha Pierre je suis burundais merci d’avoir ce connecter sur cette grande réseau ministérielle

  5. Yuda Aloyce Mwacha

    Hallelujah, I’m glad to hear about disciple making,.. the disciples making, is the really Godly purpose for our living as Christians,
    We don’t need to stay idle in our Christianity, we are supposed to exercise our spiritual responsibilities.
    There is no any need of somebody in Christianity to find another great life purpose more than this of making disciples
    I as believer, making the disciples is My business, and will so, till the end.. thank you all disciples making, for exercising this great commission (God’s vision)….
    Your beloved in Christ,
    Yuda Aloyce Mwacha.

  6. Bem Michael Sughter

    I really love this program because it has been helping me in many ways to grow and also make disciple for God

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