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When Listening to God’s Prompting Leads to a Surprising Person of Peace

Does God ever interrupt your ordinary day with something big? You are simply going about your business, but God has something more in mind. Listening to His voice can lead to surprising discoveries. It may even lead to finding a Person of Peace.

In Andrew’s case, this happened with a motorbike driver named Simon. Simon happened to be traveling in the same direction as Andrew, and as they went along, they began to talk. Andrew asked Simon if he went to church, and Simon replied that he had stopped going a long time ago. Andrew could sense that even though Simon wasn’t going to church, he was very interested in the Kingdom of God. He began to tell Simon about making disciples, sharing what he had learned in DMI’s courses.

When they reached their destination, the two exchanged numbers and went on their way. Later, Andrew traveled back to the city. When he gave a report to one of the DMI alumni prayer groups, he remembered Simon. By then, Andrew had lost his phone along with Simon’s contact — there was no way he could reach him.

I Couldn’t Stop Thinking About Him

Yet, Andrew couldn’t stop thinking about the motorcycle driver.

“I felt inside myself that this man who had stopped going to church but was still interested in going deeper. He wanted to know how he could make disciples.”

When Andrew was in his prayer group, they prayed he might be able to find Simon again because he felt he was a Person of Peace.

One day Andrew was going back to that same village and accidentally bumped into Simon again. God hears our prayers!

The two began to talk, and Simon seemed very interested in learning about disciple-making. Andrew began to call Simon every evening. He learned that Simon was stationed with many fellow motorbike drivers — 20-40 in number. These men transport people and their luggage from one point to the next.

Andrew decided to visit them. As they spoke together, he learned that some had given their lives to the Lord already and others had not. He decided to invite eight of them to begin training so they would be able to know how to reach others for the Lord.

A Man of Influence

During one session, Andrew discovered that Simon is a man of great influence. He is the chairman of the local motorbike driver association! They always have their general meeting in December and around 1,000 members attend. Simon invited Andrew to attend, saying:

You bring the message of Christ in simplicity, teach us to make disciples and how to plant gospel seeds among the customers we transport. What if I welcome you to the meeting in December so you can speak to us and pray for us?”

Andrew saw this as a great opportunity to reach many drivers and form as many groups as possible. These men don’t go to church – they are driving from Monday to Monday, morning through evening. Yet many of these men have shown they have the heart to know God and to make Him known. The eight drivers that Andrew has been training have already begun groups of their own. He checks on them regularly and they are all doing well!

Following God’s Leading

Isn’t it amazing what God can do when we are willing to follow as he leads? Andrew was attentive to God’s invitation to strike up a conversation with Simon about the Kingdom. After losing Simon’s contact, he didn’t give up. He kept calling on God saying, “I don’t want to lose Simon. I want to get to know him more and more and more.”

Andrew faithfully followed up with Simon, teaching him to disciple others. God then opened the way for many more to learn to disciple others in the community of motorbike drivers.

In Matthew 9:38, Jesus exhorts his followers: “Pray to the Lord of the harvest, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

This is a prayer we often pray at DMI, and Andrew is one of the workers God has given in answer. Now, Simon and the eight motorbike drivers have joined Andrew in the harvest fields of Kenya – a field of 1,000 motorbike drivers!

Do you ever wonder who might be the harvesters God is calling you to connect with as Andrew did with Simon? How and where might you find them?

This is a question we will be answering in our upcoming virtual partnership event on May 11th from 7:30-8:30 Central USA time: Finding the Hidden Harvesters.

We would love for you to join us for this exciting event! You will hear from DMI’s founder, Cynthia Anderson, who will share how you too can find the hidden harvesters in your midst. You will also have an opportunity to pray with us, join in discussions around disciple-making, and learn how you can support the mission of Disciple Makers Increase. We know you won’t want to miss it!

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  1. Please pray that I am in Ethiopia and my heart burns with a passion for Jesus to be glorified & the nations will fall at His feet, worship and acknowledge that there is no one like Him in Heaven or on earth. I have no a personal computer or tablet with good,reliable Wi-fi internet connection to attend your discipleship sessions. My first personal motivation is to be committed disciple of Jesus Christ, know how I could make disciple others, how to plant gospel seeds & for servant-leadership in every area of my life.After accepting Jesus Christ my life is full of challenges, difficulties & struggles. God’s power lifted me up in every difficult circumstances.

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