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When You Listen to Your Dreams (and Your Husband Helps) – A Story from Africa

Have you ever sensed you were supposed to do something? Hesitated, then gone for it and been so glad you did? We recently interviewed one of our alumni who would answer that question with a firm “Yes!” She has started over 70 new discipleship groups in her area over the past three years. The Lord is using her to faithfully share the Gospel and teach disciples to multiply using the tools she learned from DMI. You will be inspired by NK as you read her amazing story!

“I am NK. I am married with four children and we live presently in West Africa. In 2020, the Lord appeared to me in a series of dreams to tell me about a course I needed to do, one that I was also to bring others into.

Finally one of those nights, I was given a link in the dream by an angel Gabriel who appeared to me telling me to apply online to the YWAM Frontier Missions Getting Started in Disciple-Making Course. I told my husband when I woke up, then looked for the site and found that truly, it exists! My husband also went to search for the site and found it. Thankfully, he didn’t stop there but rather went on to apply for the course so I could go ahead with the training.

I wouldn’t say I was excited at that time, because I didn’t yet know what the course was all about, but I decided that whatever happens, my responsibility is to faithfully learn whatever the Lord has for me.

I Didn’t Understand at First

When I first learned we were to create an End Vision Statement as a part of the requirements, to be frank, I didn’t understand why I should do that. However, I prayed and received a leading on what I needed to write down. I looked at the format and examples that were given and then I wrote mine, not knowing how it would be possible, but choosing to obey anyhow.

“It actually took me quite some time to begin to see my End Vision Statement gradually fall into place. I followed step by step what I learned from DMI, and faithfully applied it to my work with the Lord. I love praying and I do not take steps the Lord does not direct. As I followed the course to the end, I was grateful I had obeyed the Lord. I was still not sure if I really understood all that I had learned, but I trusted the Lord to continue instructing me.

Then, as the course ended, we were sent an email asking if we would like a coach who would help us in this journey of DMM. “Sure!” I responded, still not knowing what it was all about. Nevertheless, I applied because the Lord told me to do so, and that’s where C. Anderson took up the responsibility of being my coach. I am grateful to God that he gave me a mentor whom I had prayed for over the years, telling God I would need someone I could truly trust for a certain level of guidance, and also someone to talk to as a friend and a sister.

Answered Prayer

Anderson was an answered prayer. I know that every step of my life involving DMI has been the Lord all the way. When I signed up for the course and saw C. Anderson’s picture, the Lord showed me that she had something for me. I did not really understand what the Lord was saying at the time, but having now received her mentorship, I understand better. I will live to be ever thankful to God that he helped me to obey his word and see a better and clearer picture of how to make disciples without struggle.

I can’t say all I have learned through this training because time wouldn’t permit me to do so, however, my one-on-one coaching process with C. Anderson has taught me a lot. It has taught me to listen and hear properly, to pick up on issues that may seem unnecessary – but are actually vital to sparking or hindering movements, to ask open-ended questions, and many, many more lessons. I give God praise for every step I have made – it has been a great adventure indeed!

“One of the greatest tools that made me more fruitful in this work of disciple-making is the Discovery Bible Study. With it, I can communicate and empower both literate and illiterate learners with the gospel of our Lord Jesus and see them apply what they learn without struggle. The oral culture of DBS is powerful. I can share with the elderly, telling them the stories of the Bible, and witness them retelling the story with joy; also gaining insight into what the Lord has for them personally. Children have also been taught DBS, and I see them perfectly making disciples using what they have received. The 3-minute testimony, along with the use of prophetic words, have become great strategies to draw the lost into the Kingdom.

Six Generations…so far…

I am grateful the Lord has helped me to come this far in the ministry and to make more and more disciples. Presently we are in the 6th generation of our movement. This means we have trained one group to know and follow Jesus, and they have then trained the next groups (2nd generation), who have then grown in faith and begun to train even more groups, and on and on up to 6 generations having multiplied.

We have started going beyond our territory, traveling to the villages where the gospel is not really known, and to unreached people groups too; making disciples in villages and teaching them to reach out to other neighboring villages. These villagers are enthusiastic and ready to go on with the assignments.

I know a particular lady who is really reaching out to many more people. My own children also make disciples in their school, and those disciples are reaching out to their family and friends, teaching them to reach out to others too. Then I work with some teachers who are ministering to students in their schools, and through them reaching their parents as well.

“Indeed God is doing amazing things through these disciples and there are many more disciples coming in! I work through every disciple to reach their circle of friends. Some are in the medical field, some in the academic field, and some are in soccer, engineering, agriculture, etc…My hope is that everyone is equipped to make disciples in their circle of influence!”

Wow! Isn’t it amazing to hear the incredible ways the Lord has faithfully led NK to make disciples in every sphere of influence she has been given? This is also our prayer for you. That God will lead you to look to those around you, and you will begin to intentionally share with them who Jesus is. Then, as new believers come to Christ, you can encourage them to reach out to others and begin sharing the Good News with them, multiplying disciples!

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8 thoughts on “When You Listen to Your Dreams (and Your Husband Helps) – A Story from Africa”

  1. Such a great story that needs to be multiplied and shared widely! Yes, let’s pass this around and build faith for movements. Well done Cindy and DMI team!

  2. I am really enjoying what I am seeing and reading hear but I receive God’s grace to make it through in Jesus name, amen.

  3. Daniel Claughton

    Thanks for sharing. It’s so encouraging to hear how the Holy Spirit is such a central character in each step of this DMM. Praise God!

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